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Spurr Subaru 

Shares the Love

During Subaru's "Share the Love" program last winter, for every Subaru sold by our local Spurr Subaru dealership, a donation was given to a charity of the buyer's choice.  The Brockport Food Shelf was the very fortunate recipient of a generous donation received as a result of this event.

The entire Food Shelf team sends a very big THANK YOU to Subaru, Spurr Subaru, and those who chose the Food Shelf as their charity.  Together we can solve hunger in our community.

Share the Love donation

Two representatives from Subaru, Food Shelf director Debbie Vileria, and Dan Spurr

* * *


it's what's for lunch

It's easy to fix and it's nourishing. However, it's also something we are especially low on at the Food Shelf, especially the chunky varieties.
If you would like to donate food, consider making it soup.  We will be grateful for all donations.

* * *

Got salad?

A can of tuna is a good source of protein, B vitamins, and minerals such as selenium.  Almost everyone likes tuna salad.  It is also one of our top current needs.  Your donations of tuna will be greatly appreciated throughout the summer.